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Advising those who cannot succeed alone...

Cognizance. Technology. Acuity. Coaching. SUCCESS.


Is your organization too busy working to focus on growth and strategy?  Are you, as a leader, "lonely at the top" with no one who you can trust for advice and counsel?  Are you having difficulty executing your plan due to an understaffed or underskilled workforce?


We focus on delivering high-value strategic, operational and practical  services to organizations and individuals to help them succeed. 


Our                                       helps measure, define, and execute YOUR success plan.

Concenter Strategy360

We consistently strive to make a deep and lasting personal, spiritual, and business impact on everyone we meet through passion, insight, value, & enjoyable experiences.


By focusing on these fundamentals, we are able to deliver our clients' solutions more rapidly, more cost-effectively and with a higher degree of longer term success than traditional business consultancies.


As a result, we are deeply committed to positive value exchange, unmatched professionalism and ethical standards, and the right solutions for our clients - regardless of the degree to which we are formally engaged and compensated.


Industries (multiple & x-industry sectors)

  • Manufacturing

  • Wholesale Distribution

  • Construction/Distribution

  • Professional Services

  • Health, Holistic & Wellness

  • Food & Beverage/Hospitality

  • Luxury: Apparel/Fashion, Home Decor



Business-to-Business (B2B)

  • Strategy, Organization & Planning

  • Executive Coaching & Advisory

  • Strategic Research & Expert Advisory

  • ​IT Strategy, Management & Advisory

  • ​Business Solutions Implementation

  • Operations Management

  • Fractional C-Suite Resources

  • Corporate & Business Development

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

  • B2B, plus

  • Market/Product Evaluation

  • Service/Product Go-To-Market

  • Franchising/Independent Rep

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C)

  • B2C, plus

  • Food & Beverage Solutions

  • Apparel/Fashion, Home Decor Solutions

  • Health, Holistic & Wellness Solutions

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