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Tasteful Experiences by Benjamin

Plan Your Experience

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Discuss with your group.
Consider the various menu "themes".
Plan the details with Chef Benjamin.

Are you hosting your family, friends, or your valued staff, employees, partners or customers? Will you also be co-hosting with others from your group?  By considering each of the following, you will "fast-track" to an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

  • How big is your group?  Groups of between 6 and 12 people provide the most managable, engaging and enjoyable Interactive Cooking Class.

  • What type of menu are you considering?  We suggest that you start with the menu "themes" which deliver the most dynamic experience: Hearty Harvest, Casual Small Plates, Elegant Evening.

  • What is your per-person budget?  Your experience is customized to maximize your group's enjoyment, based on your budget.

  • What dates work for your group?  Each Interactive Cooking Class is held, weekly, on either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings. 

Each menu "theme" is the basis for the experience you and your group would like to create.  Each is fully customizable to suit your group's preferences, dietary and allergy factors, and budget.

Hearty Harvest
  • Provide your group and menu "planning" information to Chef using the Cooking Class Information Form found here.

  • Make yourself available in the next 24-48 hours to discuss the details with Chef.

Running out of time? 

Having trouble planning?


Call or Email Chef Benjamin NOW


Mobile:  609.529.3664



Casual Small Plates
Elegant Evening

Elegant Evening is a fully customized experience for you!  Chef Benjamin 

envokes his classical training in fine dining and his restaurant experience to work directly with you to establish YOUR menu.

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