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Tasteful Experiences by Benjamin

Interactive Cooking Classes

Intimate.  One-of-a-kind.  Engaging. Unforgettable...

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These are the words being used to describe the experience of Chef Benjamin Flesch's Interactive Cooking Class.  And that is before a single mention of the food.

Chef Benjamin Flesch brings - to your guests, in your home - his lifelong passion for creating unique food experiences, his formal education and classical training at The College of Culinary Arts of Johnson & Wales University, and his local work at The Homestead Inn, Eno Terra, Brick Farm Tavern at Double Brook Farm, Hamilton's Grill Room, Juniper Hill, Hudson Table and Jay's on Third.

Combining seasonally fresh, locally sourced, and meticulously prepared ingredients, you and your guests can enjoy a hassle-free, individually-customized, high-end restaurant experience, in comfortable surroundings. The best part?  You will learn exactly how to prepare the same delicious dishes any time!

Whether you are looking for a unique dinner party or "chef party" concept, celebrating a special occasion, or looking to have a holiday party for your family, staff or employees, customers or partners, Chef Benjamin's Interactive Cooking Class will be...unforgettable.



Seasonally selected, locally sourced, meticulously prepared...DELICIOUS.

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